Birth Control and Sex: Everything You Need to Know

Birth control and sex are two topics that go hand-in-hand. There are a lot of misconceptions about the use of birth control as a contraceptive and that once a person is using birth control they have no need to use other forms of contraceptives. We at SelfCollect are here to tell you that is FALSE. 

We often see movie scenes that show the heat and spontaneous actions between two people before and during their sexual time. However, we rarely see that moment that many people may consider awkward when the conversation of using a condom is mentioned. During sexual intercourse whether it is orally, vaginally, or anally there need to be boundaries set and precautions taken for your health and safety. Maybe you or your partner think that it’s impossible to keep the heat going as someone pulls out a condom – this is not true!

We promise you can keep your sex life hot and be safe, and here’s how! 

There is often overlap when discussing birth control, contraception, and sex. Birth control is actually controlling the number of children being born by using contraception. Contraceptives are forms of birth control that help to prevent pregnancy. Types of contraceptives include: the pill, an IUD, hysterectomy, vasectomy, and condoms just to list a few. However, more often than not only one form of contraceptive is not enough. It is recommended by many doctors that even if a woman is on the pill for health safety and pregnancy prevention a condom should still be used. 

Before things really begin to heat up there are a few serious topics that need to be covered regarding birth control and sex. It is possible to keep the heat alive after these conversations, and we promise you will feel better having cleared the air asking these questions. 

As things start to steam up between you and your partner you always, always need consent. Both of you need to agree to continuing forward asking questions such as “Is it okay if I kiss you?” or “Do you mind if we move forward and remove articles of clothing?”. If someone says yes in the beginning to these questions it is okay to change minds and say no later on during the session. Once everyone has given consent it is time to move forward as things continue to heat up and sex becomes an option there must be a conversation about STDs and condoms being used. 

Whether you are deciding to have oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex it is important to have an honest conversation with your partner about potentially contracting an STD. If this conversation was not discussed prior it is important that it be discussed now. Be honest and say you do not want to contract anything and would like to know before moving forward, as well as wanting to use a condom. Using a condom helps with your form of birth control as a pregnancy protectant, and also helps to not spread STDs. Not only are there male condoms, but there are also female condoms that can be used and help to provide protection. 

Your birth control cannot be the only thing you rely on to avoid pregnancy. Practicing safe sex using a condom or dental dam is important for your health, and let’s face it that is sexy! You also want to be sure that your partner knows their sexual health status, otherwise this can lead to unhealthy and unsafe sex. Due to the symptoms many STDshave people are unaware that they are in fact positive. Be smart, safe, and sexy by knowing your status and asking your partner to know theirs as well. 

Now, we do understand that this is your choice to practice safe sex and sometimes not everyone takes precautions so just to reiterate, be sure everyone gives consent, discuss the real risk of STDs, and use condoms. Birth control and sex go hand-in-hand, so you don’t want to run the risk of pregnancy and contracting an STD. However, if you or your partner feel that you may have an STD, or just want a regular check-up test, order your kit from SelfCollect today! Our process is simple, confidential, and accurate. SelfCollect kits are a great way to gain important information about your body anonymously.