5 Tips to Have Happy Sex

You’re not sure what happened, but in the past few weeks or months you’ve grown tired of your sex life. We’re sure that you and your partner enjoy sex, but sometimes the connection seems lost. Maybe you can’t quite figure out what happened between, but we are here to give you tips to have happy sex in your life.

Sex is important in a healthy relationship. It allows you and your partner to connect on a deeper level. Below we list out a few steps to have a healthier sex life that makes you and your partner feel happier and sexier!

1. Learn Your Body

As you age your body also changes, which can affect your sex life. Learning how your body is changing and how to work with these changes in important. Often times with age, a woman can experience vaginal dryness and hot flashes which may lead to a decreased desire to engage in sex. For men, there may be increased difficulty in achieving an erection. Both of these situations can cause the other partner to blame themselves. We highly recommend you speak with your partner about the changes in your body and work to find solutions with one another.

2. Speak About Turn Ons

As you learn more about your body you will learn more about what turns you on. Maybe it’s something you and your partner haven’t done in a long time, or maybe it’s something you’ve never tried. This is your chance to speak up! You and your partner are learning and talking about your changing bodies, so why not relearn what turns you on.

3. Add New Thrills

New thrills don’t necessarily mean sexual thrills, this can be anything from a new trip together or a new activity! Adventurous activities can stimulate the brain to produce dopamine driving your sexual desire through the roof. This can be anything you both find fun whether it be hiking, going for a bike ride, seeing a new movie, or cooking a meal together. By adding these new thrills, you bring those feelings back into the relationship that were there in the beginning… the rush and the thrill of something new.

4. Plan It Out

This may not seem as though it’s the sexiest way to get connected with your partner, but as you get older time becomes more precious to spend with one another. Whether it’s your job, kids, traveling, or just being exhausted after a long day planning out time to have intercourse can be exhilarating. You can plan to have a night out on the town together or have a date night in with cooking dinner and a relaxing bath. Find something that will turn you and your partner on, something that you both enjoy and can fully spend with one another without any interruptions. By having a set time every week or every month this will be an evening you both look forward to! 

5. Exercise

One of the most important ways to keep your sex life happy and healthy is through exercise. Exercise stimulates the body, brain, and nervous system, allowing you to be more receptive to sexual experiences. Working out improves your entire body from cardiovascular to circulation allowing you to have higher stamina and blood flowing throughout your body during intercourse. Working out also gives you the ability to better control your mind, body connection. Lifting weights, doing cardio, and/or practicing yoga will boost your self-esteem, reduce your stress levels, and allow you to enjoy a sensual evening with your partner!

At SelfCollect we understand that over time sexual desires can weaken due to different factors. By talking to your partner about what has been happening you are opening up many doors for honest communication. Relationships are about pushing past and working together, so working with your partner to have happy sex can open doors you never thought together. Before becoming sexually intimate with your partner, it is wise to get testing done to prevent any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Order a kit from SelfCollect to keep your testing in the privacy of your own home.