What is SelfCollect?

SelfCollect is an at-home STD testing service that gives you extremely accurate results while safeguarding your privacy. You simply order the test you need, collect a sample at your convenience, mail it back to us, then retrieve your results online. It’s fully confidential, with the option to complete the entire process anonymously.

Our process

We understand that STDs are a sensitive topic. With SelfCollect, you can test for STDs anonymously by creating a unique user PIN. Or if you’d prefer to have ongoing access to your test results, create a confidential account with your own user name and password.


Determine which tests you need by reading about the symptoms or risk factors associated with the STDs. Add them to your cart to start building your kit, then if you’d like, explore related tests or add a gift card for a friend or partner.


Your kit will arrive at the shipping address you specify in a nondescript, unbranded envelope. Included are the return envelope, all materials you’ll need to collect your sample and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. Below is an example of a kit as it will arrive in the mail.


Carefully follow the instructions included with your kit then return your samples as directed, using the prepaid return envelope provided.


We will notify you when your results are ready via your chosen method of communication. When you visit the specialized Results page, you’ll log in with your private PIN if you registered anonymously, or with your username and password if you created an account. For your security, you’ll then enter your order number to view your test results.

Your SelfCollect kit

Sample kit with annotated key
  • A Nondescript shipping envelope
  • B Pre-paid return envelope
  • C Detailed collection instructions
  • D Tear-off portion with order number
  • E Collection materials

Retrieving your results

Sample text message and sample email

We want to respect your privacy, even when it comes to knowing when your results are ready. As part of the checkout process, you will choose whether to receive a text message or email notification. Your results will be simple and easy to understand. We’ll also include helpful next steps resources.

A service built on 30 years of diagnostic testing

Doctor consulting with patients

At SelfCollect, we respect your dignity, health and privacy. We also understand how important it is to have results you can trust. We follow strict medical guidelines and modern DNA methods so the results you get are as accurate as those you’d receive from an in-person clinic, without the hassle, discomfort or inconvenience of making an in-person appointment.