SelfCollect Health Ambassador

Becoming a SelfCollect Health Ambassador is quick and easy.  Simply fill out the registration on the SelfCollect Health Ambassador page.  In order to start receiving your commissions, you will need to complete a W9 form and set-up a free PayPal account.  Below are the links to help you get started.  

IRS W9 Form - Completed and signed form can be emailed back to or mailed to:  PO Box 280270, San Francisco CA 94128

PayPal Account Set-up

In an effort to help with your success, we want to supply you with the necessary tools to help grow your business.  Here are some resources that will hopefully assist in the process:

Training Presentation 
(File opens in DropBox.  Don't have an account?  Simply click the "No thanks, continue to view →" link at the bottom of the sign in box.)


Marketing Materials


Ambassador URL Flyer wit Tear Aways & Photo

Ambassador URL Flyer with Photo Only

Ambassador URL Flyer with Tear Away Only

Directions on placing your unique URL onto the flyer:
1) Be sure you have your correct URL.  This can be found in your welcome email or by logging into your Ambassador Portal

2) Click on the flyer link above.  The file will open in Dropbox. Hit the "Download" button in the top right hand corner.

3) Once the file has downloaded, click File, Save As and save onto your Desktop.

4) Locate the file on your desktop and open. You will find an editable text box to place your unique URL. Click File and Save again and be sure all additions have taken place.

The file shoud now ready to print.  Need assistance? Please contact

Social Media

The use of social media avenues can help spread the word about SelfCollect and topics related to intimate health. Utilizng our daily Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts can be very helpful in sharing your URL.  Remember, be sure your URL is posted so you will receive your proper commission. Here is the information for all social media pages so you can "Like" and "Follow":




YouTube Channel